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We understand that job postings will differ from company to company. That's why we interview each employer to identify their unique needs and values. This helps ensure that Scout is properly configured to evaluate each applicant.

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Scout empowers recruiters and HR to focus on more strategic work, like working with the business to make the right hiring decisions. Essentially Scout is intelligently automating tactical tasks such as resume screening, responding to common questions, etc. Scout also helps support objectivity in hiring by providing a consistent initial assessment process.

Hiring managers rarely have enough time to thoroughly read and review all applications. Scout helps speed up the time from application to hire by taking care of the initial screening process so that hiring managers can focus on the top talent. Scout can also improve the new employee onboarding process by engaging with new hires during their first few months and providing instant feedback to hiring managers.

Scout can integrate with most applicant tracking systems that have an API. HR can post jobs the same way they currently do and when an application is received, Scout will send them an email with a unique link to their personal chatbot. Results are then sent back to the applicant tracking system.