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By harnessing AI, Scout lets you search for MORE tech talent in HALF the time, guaranteeing faster fill rates and increased revenue.


Why Scout?

Near Instant Results

Less than 1 minute to see your first recommendations. New candidates are added over the next 3 days.

Broad Spectrum Search

Scout gathers information from social networks, professional communities, personal pages, and more.

High Candidate Relevancy

Scout's AI recommends candidates through a well-rounded lens, including education, job experience, and past projects.

Multiple Tools for the Price of One

The AI-powered sourcing engine is much cheaper than older industry tools. Source and connect all in one tool.


3 Steps to Scout


Upload a Job Description

Scout analyses your JD and sources candidates across the web. You can also finetune your search using filters.


View Recommendations

Recommendations are ranked according to relevance. Need more candidates? Scout will continue sourcing for the next 72 hours.


Connect Instantly

Reach out to prospective candidates and get those conversations started. Be the first to connect!

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What Recruiters Say

There are a number of search tools that are meant to help you. It’s easy to perform searches on Scout, you don’t have to input 100 data points before you get to the list of candidates.


Start-up founder

“As a sourcer I find Scout to be really helpful. All I need to do is plug in my job description – it picks out the right keywords and you get a good talent pool that by manual sourcing you might not be able to get. The AI feature is accurate - it cuts out my sourcing time in half!”


In-house talent sourcer

It helps that Scout can recommend someone based on work visa requirements, and you don’t have to manually scroll through profiles to find out. You can spend hours and hours on LinkedIn doing a manual search, but with Scout I cut that time down significantly.


Agency recruiter


All in One Solution

Our free plan can definitely get you started, and our premium plan promises significant time savings, personalised workflows, and effortless engagement with your selected candidates.


- Unlimited searches and job uploads
- Share profiles with your team
- Scout Chrome extension
- View resumes

$0 per user per month Get Scouting


- Unlimited searches and job uploads
- Share profiles with your team
- Scout Chrome extension
- View resumes
- Integration with ATS
- Automated email outreach
- Built-in email templates
- Individual/batch outreach
- See full contact details
- Export list to .CSV
- Email support

$200 per user per month FREE 14-Day Trial


Can Scout increase the odds of a candidate responding to my emails?

While Scout can’t guarantee a candidate’s response, Scout does make it easy for you to reach out to as many tech talents as possible with minimal hassle. Click “Engage Candidate” and Scout will send out prewritten emails that have been proven to have high engagement rates.

How does Scout search for candidates and how is it different from other tools?

Scout goes beyond simple resumes and professional profiles to look at a candidate’s complete digital presence, such as their social profiles and activity on professional communities and skill competency websites, thus giving you a fuller picture of a candidate’s technical abilities.

How do I find the most suitable candidates for the role I’m filling?

Scout ranks every candidate according to how relevant their skills, experiences, projects and education are to your job description. “Highly Recommended” candidates are specifically marked for quick reference.

What countries is Scout available in?

Scout can be used in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Phillipines, with more cities added in future updates.

Join the sourcing revolution! FREE 14-day trial.

Scout is an AI-powered talent sourcing tool built for recruiters, by recruiters.

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