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Why You Should Use Forums as a Secret Weapon to Build Your Recruiter Brand

If you wanted to cast a wider net, LinkedIn also works well as an established social media platform that millions of business professionals use every day. The obvious drawback is that you’re facing a lot of competition and needless noise when you want your posts to get attention. Inputting hashtags may not always work, so an alternative solution might be needed.

Forums as a Secret Weapon

Online forums like Reddit and Quora are often overshadowed by the glitzier social media platforms (i.e. TikTok, Facebook etc.) but these are communities that are still very influential, thanks to their big user and fanbase. While most people prefer being anonymous posters on these forums, as a recruiter you’d want to go the opposite way. Make yourself known with a clear identity with profile photo and company name included.

How good online forums be? Here are some of the clear benefits:

Specialised Knowledge Sharing

The biggest reason to post on online forums is that many people go there to pose questions on a variety of topics, and that includes queries about hiring and recruitment. From how to negotiate salary offers, to finding the best answers to a very specific question, online forums are a great place to share your expert opinion.

Specialised Knowledge Sharing

Original posters and other users value a good response and could get in touch with you directly for follow-up questions. As more readers engage, the richer your candidate database will be.

Visible to Search Engines

Unlike most social media platforms, posts on online forums are crawled by Google and thus appear on search rankings. The more you post relevant answers to questions pertaining to recruitment, interviews and hiring, there’s a better chance that one will appear high on Google’s search results, giving you more visibility and clout.

Visible to Search Engines

Less Distractions

Online forums tend to have a more focused and organized layout, reducing distractions and allowing users to concentrate on specific topics. On the other hand, social media platforms can be distracting due to the constant stream of updates and notifications.

Information Depth

On forums like Quora, users are encouraged to provide detailed answers to questions, leading to in-depth information sharing. As a recruiter with expert knowledge, you can provide more insightful answers to questions on recruitment and hiring that most other people. Although you can also do long posts on social media platforms, replies and comments do not take visual prominence unlike on an online forum.

The benefits may not be a long list, but online forums have great potential if you are starting from zero and didn’t already have a following on social media. If you want to consider branching out to even more online forums, here are a few more with niche focuses:

  • Stack Exchange: Stack Exchange is a network of Q&A websites on various topics, including programming, science, and more. It’s an excellent place to share insights and build expertise. The forum topics are of a more technical nature, so this might not be suitable to all recruiters.
  • Hacker News: If you’re servicing the tech industry or startups, Hacker News is a popular forum for discussing technology-related topics. Like Stack Exchange, it’d be best to have some technical knowledge.
  • The Fastlane Forum: This forum is focused on entrepreneurship, business, and wealth-building strategies. It’s a great place to share insights and advice in these areas.
The Fastlane Forum

Building a reputation and becoming a trusted source on online forums like Reddit and Quora requires time, effort, and a strategic approach. Here are some steps to help you establish yourself as a trusted contributor:

Create a Strong Profile

Fill out your profile with accurate information. Use a professional photo and write a concise bio that highlights your expertise or interests.

Observe and Learn

Before actively participating, spend some time observing how the forum works. Understand the culture, rules, and community norms.

Provide High-Quality Responses and Replies

Consistently contribute valuable content. Whether it’s answering questions, sharing insights, or creating original posts, focus on quality over quantity.

Use Data and Sources

When sharing information, back it up with credible sources or data whenever possible. This demonstrates that your contributions are well-researched and will further improve your brand as a recruiter.

Be Consistent

Regularly contribute to the forum. Consistency helps you stay top-of-mind among other members.

Avoid Too Much Self-Promotion

While it’s okay to share your company’s website or information about your recruiting services, avoid excessive self-promotion. Focus on helping others rather than promoting yourself.

Answer Questions Thoroughly

When answering questions, provide comprehensive and detailed responses. Address the question from different angles and anticipate follow-up queries.

Share Personal Experiences:

Sharing personal anecdotes or experiences related to the topic can make your contributions more relatable and engaging. Increased engagement can lead to more followers and future business prospects.

Remember that building a reputation as a trusted source on online forums is a gradual process. It’s about establishing credibility, trust, and a positive presence within the community. Over time, your contributions will be recognised, and you’ll become a go-to source for information and insights. As your name and reputation as a recruiter grows, the payoffs will come in due course.

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